Code of Ethics

Each member of the YTCNC is committed to:

  • Maintaining the welfare of each dog they own or co-own
  • Complying with the rules of the American Kennel Club
  • Complying with the Constitution and Bylaws of the YTCNC
  • Showing respect for other YTCNC members
  • Breeding to conform to the AKC approved standard of the Yorkshire Terrier
  • Striving to improve progeny and to reducing faults to a minimum
  • Positively representing the dog fancy and specifically the Yorkshire Terrier community to the general public

Code of Conduct

 Each member will:

  • Provide their dogs with safe and sanitary conditions, proper nutrition, maximum health care and protection
  • Maintain possession of a litter of puppies until the puppies are at least 12 weeks of age to facilitate adequate socialization, as well as appropriate emotional and temperamental development
  • Provide puppy buyers with written details of feeding, general care, grooming instructions, dates and types of inoculations and dewormings, and be available to offer future advice as needed
  • Be obligated to assist in the placement of the dog in the event that the owner is unable to keep the dog
  • Screen prospective buyers as thoroughly as possible to determine their intent, as well as their ability and interest in providing a safe, adequate, loving environment and a long term relationship with a puppy or adult dog
  • Refrain from selling or consigning puppies to pet stores, agents, or other commercial enterprises, or disreputable breeders, and neither puppies nor stud services will be offered as prizes or for raffles or auctions
  • Refrain from showing animals recently diagnosed with a contagious disease or bitches with nursing whelp
  •  Maintain organized and accurate records regarding registration, identification, acquisition, breeding and whelping, and disposition of dogs
  • Supply a written sales agreement with dogs and puppies offered for sale, to include clear terms and conditions of sale, to be signed by buyer and seller. The contract will request that the seller be contacted in the event that the owner is unable to keep the dog
  • Refrain from speaking or writing disagreeably or dishonorably about another member and avoid impairing the reputation of another member by reference to quality of breeding stock or other kennel matters (however, see CONFORMANCE regarding alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or the Breed)
  • Price the sale of puppies and adults based on quality and not seek to undersell other members
  • Offer assistance and encouragement to novices and others needing advice and guidance
  • Advertise only in an honest and professional manner and refrain from using the YTCNC membership to attempt to enhance integrity or quality of stock
  • Only sponsor others for membership who they have known for at least one year and of whom they have sufficient personal knowledge
  • Plan all breedings to optimize the potential quality, health and welfare of the offspring, as well the health and welfare of the breeding pair; provide healthy spacing between litters and protect unspayed bitches from unplanned matings
  • Refrain from breeding a bitch on its first heat unless that occurs after 18 months of age and from breeding a bitch more than 2 out of 3 heats
  • Consult a veterinarian regarding the risk of breeding a bitch due to health concerns, advanced age, or history of whelping problems (especially cesarean sections)
  • Offer stud service only to AKC fully registered, healthy, mature bitches, where the mating is considered to be in the best interest of the breed
  • Sell all pets with “Limited” AKC registrations
  • Be willing to refer potential puppy purchasers to other reputable breeders, and be helpful and courteous to those who request information about the breed
  • Act in a professional, good sportsmanlike manner at all times and respect the rules of hotels/motels, show sites, and of all show sponsors.

Factually based charges of violations of the principles of the Codes will be reviewed under the provisions of Article 6 of the YTCNC Bylaws. Each member is expected to be familiar with these provisions concerning Suspension, Charges, Board Hearings, and Expulsion.